FirstDibz is a futures ticket market for sporting events. You can gamble on whether or not your favourite team makes it to the playoffs, and if they do, you will end up with very valuable seats at cost and without waiting in line overnight. They also have a similar service for products (elmo live, google phone, nintendo video game consoles, etc.)

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What FirstDIBZ is all about!

If something's really worth having, inevitably a line will always form to get it. But unless you're one of the lucky folks up at the front - let's face it - lines are never very much fun... well - it's time to get OUT OF LINE!

And is here to show ya how. No lines, just a revolutionary approach to getting YOU the things you really want, without having to endure all the hassles.

Six years ago, FirstDIBZ (formerly TicketRESERVE) was founded on a simple principle; people only REALLY want to attend a major sporting event when their team plays in it. Sounds simple, but in reality, by the time your team qualifies the only people with the tickets are the scalpers. That just doesn't work for fans like us. So we launched a site built on the principle that people should be able to reserve a Face-Value ticket well in ADVANCE of a given event, that insures them a ticket should their team qualify for a post-season event. And did we mention those ticket reservations were tradable, sometimes at a major profit! has taken the same principle from our sports markets and extended it out to, well - everything you can imagine! Now, in addition to the awesome Championship event markets we're known for, we're delighted to bring you markets for things you may never have thought possible before, like:
CONSUMER PRODUCTS - snap-up the next cool gadget before everyone else does!
LODGING - guarantee yourself a hotel room months in advance of the big event!
LIVE EVENTS - ensure you won't miss seeing your favorite band or broadway show!
EVERYTHING ELSE - you tell US the market you want to see, and we'll make it happen. is the online place to come and stake your claim to the stuff that IS, as well as to all the stuff that WILL BE. Why let someone else get your DIBZ?